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Welcome to King County Superior Court Clerk Online Document Request Website

Please note - the following browsers have experienced incompatability with this application:

  • IE 10
  • Firefox
  • This service allows you to order documents from King County Superior Court cases.

    Sealed case documents are not available through this service. If you wish to receive your documents/recordings electronically after submitting your request, need additional information accessing sealed documents or you have questions related to your request please contact the Clerk’s office at (206) 477-0691.

    The following are the case types available

    1. Type 1 - Criminal
    2. Type 2 - Civil / Foreign Judgments / Tax Warrants / Emancipation of Minors
    3. Type 3 - Domestic - Divorce / Child Support / Custody
    4. Type 4 - Probate / Wills / Guardianship
    5. Type 8 - Juvenile Offenders – (after July 1, 1978)
    6. Type 9 - Judgments resulting from a case filed in above case types

    To order through this website, you must pay all required fees using a valid credit card or checking account. A convenience fee of $1.00 for internet checks or $2.49 for credit card and $10.00 postage and handling fee will be assessed and added to the cost of the request.

    Document costs are per fee schedule below:

    Document type Cost
    Non-Certified Copy Fee $ .50 per page.
    Certified Copies $5.00 for the first page & $1.00 per page thereafter.
    Exemplified Copies $9.00 for the first page & $1.00 per page thereafter.
    Research Fee $30.00 per hour & any portion thereof
    Shipping and Handling$10.00